What kind of photography do you offer?

We focus on weddings, engagements, commercial projects, and fine art photography. We occasionally enjoy family photo shoots and love being involved in unique creative projects.


Where do you live and do you charge for travel?

We live in the Lehigh Valley and will travel up to 50 miles. After 50 miles we charge for traveling expenses. (Gas,Tolls, Flights, Hotels, ect.)


Can you stay later then we had planned for on the wedding day?

Absolutely! If this is something you're interested in, before we start packing up our stuff we always let you know when we are getting ready to leave. At that time, just ask if we can stay longer and we will bill you the overtime hours once you're home from your honeymoon.


What kind of equipment do you use?

We use top of the line Canon DLSR's and Canon prime lenses.


Do you bring back up equipment?

Of course!


Can you provide my venue with a certificate of insurance?

Yes, but it is not our responsibility. It takes our insurance company at least one month to get a certificate. So if your venue requires one, please let us know before hand.


Do you work with an assistant or second photographer?

Yes. Mercedes and I work all events as a team. Mercedes second shoots when available and provides invaluable assistance to the photographer and client through out the day.


Can we choose which photos to be delivered in black and white and color?

If you would like less or more of one, please let us know before we photograph your wedding. We specifically choose to make some black and white because of many factors such as contrast, shape, lines and texture. Some photos simply deserve to be black and white, where others stand out for their vibrant color. It is our job to deliver our creative ability and vision, and this applies to our editing as well.

Can we see any photos that you didn't deliver?

We deliver between 400-600 fully edited photos. The photos in your online gallery will be your final photographs. We take great care in choosing which photos are the absolute best in telling your story. All unusable photos such as closed-eye, flash misfiring, person walking in front of the camera, redundant, or test shots are discarded as a result of the photographic process.

How long until we are able to see our photographs?

Please allow us two months to edit and upload your photos to your online gallery.


Do you take posed family formals?

Yes, absolutely. They are usually taken directly after your ceremony.


Can we provide you with a shot list?

About two months before your wedding, we provide you with an in depth questionnaire which goes over the whole day. This is an opportunity for you to be more involved with the shots. Having us work from a client made “shot list” is not our style, and will result in much different photographs then what is shown in our portfolio. It is our job to capture your day as it unfolds and adding a shot list of your own will take away from that creative essence.

Can my Uncle Bob take photos?

We encourage your family to take photos at your wedding, they are your family. We do ask that they acknowledge that you hired us to photograph your day and to respect that we are trying to give you the best possible photographs. We also ask that they do not follow us around for Bride and Groom portraits, family formals, and to please stay seated during the ceremony.


Does our venue require a permit?

We aren't sure of that, but some places definitely do require professional photographers to have permits, or else they are asked to leave. Permits always need to be purchased and approved by the venue before the actual photo shoot. Let us know of the venue, and we will do our best to find out if a permit is required. The permit must be obtained by the client. It is not the responsibility of the photographer to obtain the permit.  


How can I lock in our date?

We do require a 50% reservation fee to lock in your date, and the remaining balance is due one week before your wedding.

How long will it take to receive my album?

It takes us about 2 weeks to design your album and 2 week for our supplier to produce it. Please allow no more than 1 month to design, supply, and ship products.