One of the most beautiful aspects of photography, along with most fine arts, is the fact that there is no true right or wrong way of doing things. It's the perfect testament to individuality. Each new client or project provides a wealth of inspiration, and it is the job of the photographer to bring their unique abilities to the table. It is safe to say we are all different, and rightfully so.

         We would like to take this time to explain our process to help you decide if we are the perfect fit for your needs. We know finding the right photographer can be a difficult decision. Our goal is to provide you with the most professional and creative photographs while maintaining a comfortable experience when working with us. 

        Beautiful wedding photographs are made with a great deal of intent. We work best with clients who understand that, trust our intentions, and allow us to photograph their day as we see it in both a formal and photojournalistic manner. 

    A lot goes into making good photographs, and one key point is preparing for it. We always research projects and scope venues prior to photographing if possible. We discover ideal locations and suggest all the best options for both creative and formal photographs.We also work with clients on creating photography time lines and planning that makes sense for their day. We want to eliminate any worries so we can all enjoy the process producing great photographs.

    Mercedes really connects with our clients. She is amazing at directing and posing for natural looking photos, and is always second shooting to provide additional creative perspectives. I serve as the primary photographer and focus on the artistic and technical aspects of the business. Together we make a very effective and well rounded team.  

     We hope this helps you understand more about us, and we look forward to learning more about you.

Tim + Mercedes Gangi