glimpse: Our little wedding

Mercedes and I are so excited to announce that we got married on September 16th 2013! We realized that we didn't need much to still have a beautiful, special wedding, for all the reasons that really mattered to us. Our friendship seems to grow with every day, our laughter never stops, our chemistry is on par with Walter White, and we found no good reason to wait one second longer. Early in our relationship Mercedes had taken me to the Allentown Rose Garden for a relaxing day outside. I had never been to the Rose Garden and was very impressed by the big city park. It was a gorgeous day around the same time of year, and we decided to eat our Yocco's underneath this beautiful weeping tree. It was the kind of tree that you could walk into. Like a giant living tent that could fit 50 people under its canopy. We ate our lunch and talked about how cool it would be to get married under a tree like this, discussing all the little details. We never would have guessed that 2 years later we would be standing under that tree as a married couple. It turned out to be an amazing backdrop for our photography and a perfect way to end the day. We are just thrilled to share this blog and hope you enjoy!

P.S. And a special thanks to our relatively cheap Italian wedding photographer " Manfrotto" and his little assistant. They really captured it all!

Hope all is well, Tim + Mercedes Gangi