glimpse: Alyssa + Scot engagement allentown photography

A big congratulations to our great friends Alyssa and Scot on their engagement! I met Scot way back in the college days, and even after graduation we did pretty good keeping in touch. A few years ago Scot was looking for a change of scenery and decided to make Bethlehem, PA his new home. This was great news! An old friend moving to my town, what could be better! Little did we know this was a new chapter and we were bound to meet new people. It was during this time Scot had met Alyssa and it seemed like over night their relationship soared. Their similarities compliment each other, and their personalities just rock. Whether home brewing fresh IPA's, going on mountain bike rides, or watching the Penn State game, they are always enjoying each others company. Mercedes and I are very lucky to have such great friends and we're so happy for you both.  We can't wait for the wedding!

Thanks, and we hope all is well Tim + Mercedes