glimpse: A man+ his bus

This was a great shoot! One of those shoots that had no real purpose other than getting up early for some nice light, grabbing a hot coffee, and hanging out with a buddy. Sometimes that's all it takes to get a great photo. Lee and I are no strangers to working together creatively. We've stretched our own canvases and painted like Pollock!  We've played in bands and wrote songs like Page and Plant! Uh... well at least that's how we felt at the time. But why? Just because it's fun and important to constantly stay creative and this shoot was just that. Over the last year Lee has been rolling up his sleeves, and fixing up his labor of love vintage VW bus for the ultimate outdoor adventure mobile. We're glad we rolled out of bed that morning and really dig how the final images show that gritty similarity between a man and his bus. 

Hope all is well, Tim