glimpse: Holiday billboards

We recently finished up an awesome advertisement project with our friends at Artfully Elegant gallery. Needless to say we were psyched when they contacted us about doing seven unique billboards through out the Lehigh Valley to promote their beautiful hand crafted goods. We jumped at the opportunity, and was given a deadline of only one week. I've come to realize I work best with a little fire under my butt, and the practice is always worth it. I wanted to make sure we stayed within a color palette and style that fully complimented Artfully Elegant's current marketing direction. And secondly we wanted to add a bit of personality, warmth, and holiday cheer to the images vs. a typical white background type product shot. Overall it was a fun, creative opportunity, and we're very happy with the way everything came together. Thanks again to Artfully Elegant and if you still have some shopping to do for someone special I urge you to go check them out next to Hotel Bethlehem. Real genuine gifts, you can't beat it! 

Hope all is well and everyone enjoy your holiday!!

Tim + Mercedes