glimpse: self portrait

Self portraits are an interesting subject that date way back and can be found among all mediums of art. Why do artist create self portraits?  I never had one drawing class or painting class that didn't require a self portrait at one point, and now I believe it is an invaluable practice. To many of us self portraits may come across as vain, like a creatively approached selfie, or just a very cheap way to practice your skill, and sometimes they are, but to me a self portrait creates a degree self induced vulnerability, which is a good thing. Artist have a way of being very critical of their own work, and I feel that this negative self awareness can be one of the biggest things standing in the way of truly making the art we are meant to make. Self portraits help you to become more transparent, they give you the opportunity to render yourself as you feel, and most importantly allow you to approach yourself and your art from a new perspective. For whatever the reason I think their fun, retrospective, and an overall important practice. These handful of shots were made within minutes, playing with the shadows on the front door, and it's amazing how simple shapes and gestures can stir imagination. Mercedes thinks it looks like me gazing out a train window as it speeds by. 

Hope all is well, Tim