glimpse: Taryn + Andrew, first presbyterian church + the meaddows wedding photography

Taryn + Andrew are outgoing, fun and overall a blast to be around. From their wedding parties, to their families, everybody knew how to have a good time. Even the DJ couldn't get over how many people were dancing from the second they walked into the reception. We also gained a pretty funny story from their wedding. I drove separately and Tim went with them on their party bus. The driver made Tim sit in the front seat so he had to twist around to take photos, and long story short, they went around a sharp turn and Tim hit his  eyebrow into the side of a fire extinguisher. So I'm standing on Main Street, waiting and wondering why they weren't showing up. Tim calls me and says " I think I need stitches!" . I was beyond confused and apparently my face was priceless when the bus pulled up and I got a good look at Tim. Luckily and coincidentally one of the bridesmaids was an eye doctor and she bandaged him up and he was all good. We now agree it was the universe testing Tim, in a mean, bloody way (literally). Now we think back and get a good laugh and a head shake from it. Overall, it was a beautiful wedding from start to finish, and we wish them both years of happiness.

Mercedes + Tim