glimpse: Lil Miss Organic, Commercial food photography & web content

Over the last 2 years Mercedes and I became very interested in learning more about our personal food choices  and began making changes to our own diet and thought process behind the typical  food we ate daily. Opting to reduce or eliminate meat and dairy was the goal. We discovered far too many positive benefits  ranging from financial, environmental, and health right down to moral issues, and we both agreed this was the positive change we both needed. It wasn't far after we realized how many other people and businesses shared the same goals. It's no surprise that people these days want organic and healthier food options and businesses are popping up everywhere in the Lehigh Valley to fill that need. Lil Miss Organic is one of those businesses and we are pleased to be able to work with her in getting her products and message out there. We believe eating locally and organically grown food is one way we can all move towards positive changes in our food system and personal lives. Check out some of the photos and content we've created for Lil Miss Organic and for more info on her products and farmers markets visit the link below!!!

Hope all is well, Tim + Mercedes

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